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Customized Solutions

We dont just sell solutions we build you the one the meet your needs and fullfill your dreams.

Mobile Applications

If you want to link your website with mobile or make a standalone mobile application you are in the right place.

Market Campaigns

We can help you with your market campaign to reach your targets.

Technical Support

We follow up with and you are fully satisfied with your solution.


About Us


Kernel IT Systems is a fast-growing software solution company comprising more than 20 various software products serving a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, education, trade, etc.
We Are specialized in Custom Tailored Web development solutions, Mobile applications and IT outsourcing services.


At Kernel IT Systems, we are committed to providing cutting-edge services to our clients via a highly professional and motivated teamwork.
We help you focus on results, defined by you, the client. As your strategic partner, we can help you accomplish more.


We have a clear long-term strategy which is based on our purpose, vision, mission and values. It is the foundation which helps us successfully to shape the future of our company.
By 2020 and beyond, we want Kernel IT Systems to generate continued profitable growth, to become more customer-focused, more innovative, more agile and fully digitized in our internal processes and customer-facing activities. To achieve this ambition, we will focus on four strategic priorities and financial ambitions for the coming years. In addition, we aim to promote sustainability in all our business activities, reinforcing our leading position.